8051 Serial Transmission

8051 Serial Transsion

In data transmission, serial communication is the process of sending data serially means one bit at a time in form of 0's and 1's, sequentially, there are two modes 1. Synchronous and 2.Asynchronous. In asynchronous serial communication each character (byte) is placed between Start and stop bits. It means alongth with 8 bit data there is always one start bit and one or Two stop bits depending on your configuration. Some times parity bit can also be included in asycnchronous seraial communication. In this communication a protocol is set by both Transmitter and receiver. The protocol is a set rules agreed by both parties on the following How data is packed,How many bits constitutes a character and when data begins and ends. The rate of data transfer in serial communication is stated in bps(bits per second)

Working of the circuit

Frequency meter


Serial Transmission Code

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