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Bluetooth Intefacing with 8051

Bluetooth Intefacing with 8051

By:Abdullah Tunio, Wasiu Memon, Mohidin Rahimoon, Rahul Rathi, Asif Memon


Bluetooth interfacing is widely used for communication purpose with ICs. Bluetooth communication means that we give signal from mobile to IC and IC gets command with respect to programming. In this project We have interfaced the Bluetooth module hc-05 with AT89S51, by that we are running a LED. Bluetooth module hc-05 has 6 pins (State, Rx, Tx, Ground, +5v, EN).




It works on the Bluetooth communication. First we are connecting Bluetooth controller application with hc-05 module, we have programmed that when we will give 1 then the led will be on and when we will give 2 then led will be off. We have used voltage divider rule to supply 3.3v to Rx pin of hc-05 module. We used 11.0592MHz frequency because bluetooth works on this frequency.

C code (Reference electronicwings.com)

Hex Code