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Stepper Motor Interfacing with 8051

Stepper Motor Interfacing with 8051

By:Noor Muhammad, Qadir Ali, Muzzamil Ahmed, Muneeza Sanam


Stepper motor is a motor which can rotate at small angle, this angle is known as steps. Stepper motor use 200 steps to complete 360 degree rotation, means its rotate 1.8 degree per step. In this we rotate stepper motor in anti-clockwise and clockwise direction at some delay.


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There are two types of stepper motor, Unipolar and Bipolor. Unipolar stepper motor generally has five or six wire, in which four wires are one end of four stator coils, and other end of the all four coils is tied together which represents fifth wire, this is called common wire (common point). Unipolor stepper motor has three modes of driving, Wave drive mode, full step drive mode and half step drive mode. In this project we rotate in full wave drive mode, by giving intruction in c code . we made a C code of anti-clockwise and clockwise of a stepper motor and burn into a AT89S51 microcontroller by using development board, and then we connect the wires according to proteus simultion. There is one changing in simulation we use in hardware stepper motor driver circuit instead of simple ULN2003 IC. Note: To run the project connect the EA (pin no: 31) of microcontroller to the Vcc. (REFERENCE = www.circuitdigest.com)

C code (REFERENCE = www.circuitdigest.com)

Hex Code