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This website is for Beginners, intermediate users, hobbyist, students & Engineers. The website contains pin configuration of various components including obsolete components. It also contains various 8051 Projects, PIC Projects, AVR/Arduino projects, Electronic Calculators (calculators for Active and Passive components) and various tips and tricks.

Publish Your Electronic Project

You can easily publish your own project with your own name just by loging here. All the information is already available in Publish section. you only need a description,working details some pictures(minimum one picture required). Code, schematic diagram is optional if u want to publish those as well then u can upload. If you have any query regarding the publication section feel free to Contact us form. The team of electronixforu will respond you soon.

Latest Projects

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of things (IoT) server is established in which you can upload your data to the website via ESP8266/ESP32 wifi module or any equivalent device. The refresh rate is about 7 seconds.Total 16 individual wireless nodes can be used on single user id. When you first register and then login you will get an api_key this will be the unique key on which you will send the data. Help


Realtime GPS Tracking web server

Send your vehicles location to maps of free of cost with interval of 2 seconds, time interval depends on your GSM modules. With arduino/microcontroller, GPS and GSM modules one can make a real-time GPS tracker that will send location including latitude, longitude, Speed and Vehicles Battery voltage. Format of some of the GSM modules are given in the Link

Realtime GPS

Electronic Projects

This section contains various programmable and non programables Electronic Projects. 3 different type of Microcontroller families 8051, AVR and PIC Projects are added and are being updated day by day. One can also share his own electronic project with his own name just by signing in, the procedure is available in Publish section.


Pinouts of Electronic Components

android app is developed for electronic components to check the Pinout of the most common components used in engineering student Projects, Regulator ICs, Sensors,Connectors, microcontrollers, PWM ICs, are available. this app is freely available on play store Click here

Realtime GPS

Electronic Calculators

Easiest way to calculate the parameters of ELectronic circuits, currently this website provides the facility to calculate the Gain of 741 and frequency, Duty cycle of 555 Timer IC & Shunt resistance and shunt power calculation, multiplier resistance, AGA3 GAS flow calculator, RTD resistance, 8051 machine cycle,reactance etc Link

Cinque Terre


Technical tips are also added in the web, so u can get shortcuts or fast solutions of any electronic components without even knowing or calculating parameters.Link

Cinque Terre
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