How to publish your project

Note: this is free website, what ever you write this will be your(author's) reposibility. copied work from other is not allowed

Publish Your Electronic Project

Now it's easier to upload or publish your electronic project with your name along with all the pictures, schematic, code and the complete details, you can upload any project related to 8051, AVR, ESP8266,PIC or even non programmable projects.

Steps to upload

  1. register your self
  2. Login...Login for publishing and iot is same
  3. after login click publish and then click ADD
  4. now you have different Rows
  5. Style is given in this image
  6. add project add project1

  7. insert title of your project
  8. insert auther1, author2 & author 3 are(optional)
  9. Insert Heading of your description like:introduction, description, Details etc
  10. write details of your prject
  11. insert images first image is mendatory, image2 and image 3 are optional
  12. insert schematic files suppoorts proteus and multisim file
  13. insert Code file (optional) supports asm, a51, bas, ino,c
  14. insert Ready made hex file(optional)
  15. again insert heading like "working"/"Construction"
  16. write details of "working"/"construction"
  17. write the heading of Code like "code", "program" , "c program", "asm code"
  18. insert the code in text box(optional)
  19. Click submit, once it is submitted it will take 24 hours to be displayed in public section and home page
  20. You can add multiple prjects and edit your projects, once edited it will also take take 24 hours to verifys