cable size Calculator

Cable size calculation

Cross sectional area of the cable is measured in mm2, so the total cross sectional area of cable is sometimes called cable size. different cable sizes are available in the market with different ratings (i.e 1 mm2, 2 mm2, 4, 16 25 mm2 etc). Cables have diffrent varieties:--> Flexible cables are soft and have huge number of conductors, while hard ones have one or many depend on the application.


Cable size and gauge:

Cable gauge determines the amount of current it can carry and the resistance of the entire length. The larger the gauge size smaller the current it can handle, as the gauge size decreases the thickness of size increases as well as the current capacity increase.

Wire gauge standards:

Broadly wires are categorized as American Wire Guage(AWG) and Standard Wire Guage(SWG). both standards are acceptable but SWG has fallen in popularity. The usual measurement size is now cross sectional-area in mm2


Select any single wire conductor and measure the diameter with either a vernier caliper or screw gauge(value must be in mm) then insert the value of dia into the calculator field 'd' you will get the cross-sectional area of that single conductor in the result, but if u want to measure the total cross-sectional of cable then count the number of conductors and insert in another field labeled as 'n'

Cable size calculator


  • d: diameter(mm) of single conductor(measure it with vernier caliper)

  • n: number of total conductors in cable(count total conductor in single cable)

Insert the value of d and n

d(mm): n:  

Single conductor size(mm)2: Single conductor gauge(AWG): Cable size(mm)2: