Capactive Reactance, Frequency and capacitance Calculator

Capacitive reactance (XC)

Capacitive reactance (XC) is the opposition that a capacitor offers to an alternating current (AC) that is applied to it. It is a measure of the capacitor's ability to store electrical charge and is measured in ohms, just like resistance. It is an important parameter in AC circuits that contain capacitors, such as filters, oscillators, and power supplies.

In short, it is the impedance of a capacitor who's value changes with respect to the frequency and capacitance, larger the frequency smaller the reactance, therfore capacitve reactance is inversly proportional to frequency.

In this calculator one can calculate capacitive reactance or frequency or capacitance, just put any two paramters and calculate 3rd one

Capacitive reactance (XC), Capacitance and Frequency Calculator

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