8051 microcontroller Machine cycle time & frequency

8051 microcontroller Machine cycle

To execute an instruction microcontroller takes certain number of cycles these cyles are called machine cycles in 8051 family. the length of machine cycles depend on frequency (internal or external) depending on microcontroller. In 8051 there is no internal clock oscillator, external crystal oscilator is connected.the crystal oscillator alongwith internal oscillator circuitry provides Clock source to microcontroller crystal frequency may vary from 4MHz to 20MHz depending on chip manufacturer. normally 12MHz for general use and 11.0592 MHz when using serial communication to set baud rates.In 8051 there is prescaler or divider of 12( it means one machine takes 12 Oscillator periods).

in this caluclator machine ccycle time and frequency is calculated from crystal frequency.

8051 microcontroller Machine cycle time & frequency

Insert Crystal frequnecy to calculate machine cycle time & frequency


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