Virtual Serial port using proteus

Connecting Proteus virtual comport to external Peripherals

In communication serial terminal is a tool used to interface various equipment to upgrade their softwares to diagnose and debug the program and to monitor their parameters.latest computer are not equiped with serial port so a USB to serial cables are used for connecting devices.

Virtual Serial port

its an emulation of standard serial port, its generated by software as an additional serial port in OS without using Hardware. Proteus has COMPIM(virtual comport feature) that enables a communication between proteus software and external real hardware with either physical Serial Comports or USB to serial communication cables b/c latest computers are not equipped with DB9 serial com port

Frequency meter



In proteus "COMPIM" is a comport used to intreface a real hardware comport of computer, a virtual terminal or any equivalent hardware is build in proteus that will send and receive data coming from external hardware in to software, once data is received in software can be accessed or processed accordingly

Wiring Diagram

in proteus "COMPIM" rx pin is connected with rx of virtual terminal/hardware and tx pin is connected to tx of virtual terminla unlike other real hardwares where a cross connection is established (tx is connected with rx and rx is connected with tx)

Frequency meter

Proteus file
Video Demo