Realtime GPS Tracking with Arduino

Realtime GPS Tracking with Arduino

Tracking a car is never been easier, available solution needs lot of money at the time of purchase of hardware but also there is a huge monthly installments. This is AVR ATmega328\Arduino based real-time Car tracker which includes a GPS module VK16E, a GSM Module Neoway M590E along with a buck converter that will provide 5v 2A supply to whole circuit from car battery.

This complete hardware along with the software is capable of Getting the latitude, longitude and speed from GPS Module and the car battery voltage is monitored on Arduino/AVR ADC pin. these all the parameters will then be sent to IoT cloud server where maps are available you don't need any web programming skill everything is ready to use.

Realtime GPS

Some changes in the code

  1. you have to get API KEY by logging in to for this you need to register yourself
  2. Replace the api key in th code as shown in fig
  3. Realtime GPS

  4. Now replace APN (access point Network) of your Network provider
  5. Realtime GPS

  6. Compile the code and burn into AVR chip


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